Thank-you Mim for establishing ChangeUp as it is quite distinct from any other training I have attended. Your energy and consideration for every individual in the room was inspiring. For me, the course focused on personal development, through a journey of self-awareness and shared experiences with other successful women. It helped me to understand what is my unique brand and what I aspire for my leadership legacy to be. It has also refreshed my motivation and drive to make it happen. I would recommend this course for high potential professional leaders who are ready for the next step in their career.
Keli Saville, Senior Manager Production Acceptance, ANZ

I didn’t quite know what to expect from The ChangeUp Program, other than a comment from someone in my network who had participated; “It’s not like your usual leadership development course”, which had me intrigued. They were right. For someone looking to improve their self awareness and confidence, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. For time poor professionals, juggling a career and a household, you need to enrol immediately. Mim’s experienced and understanding approach combines introspection to your behaviours and strengths with goal setting, based on the principles of positive psychology and authentic leadership. You will walk away a better version of your self, knowing how to have greater presence, when to be courageous, when to be vulnerable, and how to exercise self compassion.

The added benefit of the way the program is designed is the opportunity to network with other senior professionals, you will laugh (and you may cry), as you realise our challenges are so similar. ChangeUp is comfortingly normalising yet transformational at the same time.

Cath Andrews, Head of HR Operations, Aesop

I had the privilege of taking part in Mim’s ChangeUp Leadership Program. It was a wonderful experience of self-discovery which left me feeling energised and uplifted every time. Mim is an incredible woman whose passion and discipline in life are inspiring. Mim has a unique ability to connect with people and adapt her facilitation to best meet the needs of the group and the flow of the discussions. I appreciated the learning opportunities provided through multiple platforms of story telling, theory, interesting reads and practical applications. The program has been an invaluable experience kick-starting my quest of living a fuller and more integrated life. Thank you Mim!
Maria Tsaousis, Head of Retail, MECCA

I feel that Mim’s ChangeUp program has given me the confidence to take my leadership to the next level. While I’ve attended plenty of leadership programs that focus on practical skills around coaching, feedback etc., ChangeUp is about unlocking the leader within. Mim provided the time, space and tools to reflect on who I am, what’s important to me, and how I can use those traits to shape my own unique and authentic leadership style.
Gary Elvin, Group Head of Tax, Seek

As a senior Human Resources professional, I have experienced all kinds of professional and personal development programs. ChangeUp facilitated by Mim Bartlett is one of the best I have participated in. Mim provided targeted tools, a well paced structure, and created a safe and supportive space to deeply explore, understand and appreciate personal narrative, strengths and values. ChangeUp really focussed and clarified what is important to me, what I have to offer and what I need to do – very affirming and empowering. Doing this work amongst a group of women who were willing to dig deep and share vulnerability was enriching and truly humbling. I highly recommend this program particularly for women in leadership or for those looking to advance in their careers.
Gabrielle Reilly, Acting Chief Corporate Officer, Jurisdiction Services, Court Services Victoria

I found ChangeUp an incredible refreshing and energising experience. The program took me out of my comfort zone and helped me better understand myself as a person and as a leader. I’ve been provided with practical tools to help define my leadership story, deepen my understanding of my strengths and inspire me to lead with a positive mindset.
Thomas Hansen, General Manager Fitter & Faster, Telstra

ChangeUp was such a great learning opportunity and a revelatory experience from start to finish. Mim expertly, confidently and with great care navigated us through the emotional and psychological thought processes of self discovery. Attendees will definitely leave the course having explored fully how they can lead, personally and professionally, in a more fulfilling and purposeful way. Change Up is not simply a leadership programme but rather the starting point of a journey that continues long after the sessions have finished. How often in life do we get that chance to stop and reflect on our lives and ask ourselves if this is the direction we want for our future? ChangeUp does just that. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
Kristie Keast, GM People, Bluescope Steel

I first encountered Mim through her executive coaching at Suncorp, where her talents to observe human dynamics, listen deeply and offer just the right question or statement with timely grace were superb. I have since discovered the depth of Mim’s other interests spanning young adult and refugee education and I am continually impressed by her driving passions to effect change. Mim is a generous listener and astute coach, a savvy connector whose networks are testament to her huge investments in others. Mim is a true change starter and deserves every success.
Louise Mercer, Executive Manager, Suncorp

Change Up was an incredible learning opportunity. I would recommend to anyone who wanted to connect or reconnect with their core values, purpose and motivations to find out how best to lead with authenticity. Mim was a great facilitator; throughout she encouraged people to dig deep and discover their strengths and unique Leadership capability.
Anne Allen, People Experience Director, Xero

Thank you Mim for the privilege of taking part in your transformational ChangeUp leadership program. The combination of your personal leadership, an extraordinary group of women, and the content shared in and out of program time, was the perfect recipe for me to ‘change up’ my own leadership. Throughout the program, and in the time since, I have noticed subtle but significant changes in my clarity of thought, depth of confidence in action and willingness to challenge convention and explore new approaches. I have adopted a number of key strategies that are having a positive effect on my professional and personal life. There are not many programs I can point to during my career that have made such a discernible change at such a deep level. I warmly recommend the ChangeUp program without reservation.
Julie Reilly, CEO Australian Womens Donor Network (NFP)

Mim brings her personal qualities of passion, intelligence and awareness to each professional assignment and has delivered powerful, market leading outcomes for her clients.
Paula Dwyer, Chairman, Healthscope Limited; Chairman, Tabcorp Limited; Non Executive Director ANZ

Thank you so much for the absolutely incredible opportunity to be involved in ChangeUp. I gained and grew so much over the course of the program, actively taking my learnings and implementing them in my life and also sharing them with my team; it was incredible to watch them flourish.

The program provided world class content, a safe space, a passionate and committed community and allowed deep and authentic connection with all participants. Your inclusive, genuine, thoughtful, curious and courageous leadership style is both infectious and inspiring. It brought out the best in me and made a significant difference in my life.

Hunter Johnson, CEO The Man Cave (NFP)

ChangeUp gave me ‘permission' to be my personal best and to be proud of my life and career achievements. ChangeUp is set apart from other courses I have done – it builds upon themes over time, is highly interactive with other successful executives and creates an honest, warm and safe environment to deep dive into your personal leadership style. At the completion of ChangeUp, I had a real sense of “maturity” – like I had transformed slowly but surely into the confident, self aware leader, I was yearning to be but hadn’t yet made the connections to articulate it. I have graduated feeling positively focussed on supporting others to become their personal best too. Mim has a unique style and presence that facilitated a wonderful exploration within all of us personally and a tight bond within our group – one that is everlasting.
Nicky Long, CEO Maddy Riewoldt’s Vision (NFP)

The ChangeUp program provides an inspiring and supportive space in which leaders can unlock their understanding of their own values and passions. This in turn helps focus the real reason they go to work. Mim’s programs helps participants understand that work-life engagement is underpinned by congruent consistency in “who we are” and “what we try to achieve” across all domains of our life. These factors are now widely regarded as key to transformative leadership. Mim uses a best practice approach to her program, using up-to-date leadership frameworks, made interesting by a diverse and engaging “homework program” that is bespoke fitted to the Australian environment and culture.
Professor Katie Allen, Theme Director Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Our business is known for its extraordinary service and with that comes the greatest challenge to keep our team energised, resilient and fresh. We engaged Mim Bartlett to provide us with the inspiration and support to be our best and to feel nourished by what we do. In her 3hr workshop she expertly guided us providing a safe space to self-reflect, to collaborate and to gain perspective on how we lead, use our strengths and how to maximise our potential. In her very charismatic yet gentle way she succeeded in peeling back the protective layers, encouraged our vulnerabilities and inspired us to be our authentic best. She also facilitated an engaging resilience workshop with the broader team. As a result, we now practice more mindful listening, create time to check in with ourselves, notice whether we are overplaying or underplaying our strengths and find those small daily rituals that help to re-energise and fill our cups. Thanks Mim for sharing your expertise in such a genuine, caring way and taking the Golden Door team to new heights. Brigid Walsh, General Manager, Golden Door Health Retreat

ChangeUp was an unforgettable and life affirming experience. It’s increasingly unusual to find space and time to connect with, strengthen and celebrate a style of authentic leadership that is both deeply human and profoundly meaningful. ChangeUp does just this and none of it would be possible without the inspiring powerhouse that is Mim Bartlett, a woman truly in her purpose. We laughed, cried, danced, shared and grew. A course, and experience not to be missed by those leaders seeking something different to improve their way of being.
Teddy Cook, Manager, Trans & Gender Diverse Health Equity, ACON

Having been through the ChangeUp program I can thoroughly recommend it to emerging and even the most experienced leaders, of all ages. Mim Bartlett’s extraordinary facilitating skills allowed the 12 diverse men on my course to be open and honest with each other, and this led to some really valuable and insightful break throughs. As a result of the course, I feel energised and much clearer about my direction, both in my work and personal life. It was also amazing to see the changes in the others over the four months, as they implemented new strategies that enhanced relationships with their stakeholders.

The content was unique in my experience, especially the focus on our strengths, and the ‘homework’ was always stimulating. The outstanding quality of people on the course also made the mini-group discussions and catch ups in between sessions wonderful sounding boards. I made some great friends and also met some excellent leaders (both younger and older) who I would not hesitate to seek out for advice in the future.

The ChangeUp program was a challenging, fun and emotional experience, and made me reflect strongly about the way I lead, and even more importantly, about the way I want to lead.

I am a better person and leader for it.

David Lawrence, Partner, Performing Matters

ChangeUp came at the most opportune time in my career journey. Having held Senior executive roles and then having established my own boutique creative agency, I have come to the stage in my life where I feel it's important to do and be involved in things I really love and enjoy. ChangeUp has been instrumental on this realization journey of who I am and the legacy I want to be remembered by. Coming together with a group of other men whom I possibly would have never met before was a fantastic learning, bonding and sharing experience. Everyone has a story to tell and ChangeUp provided a safe environment for this to occur, being facilitated by the incredible Mim Bartlett.
Paul Bonnici, Creative Director, CC2c Creative Agency